How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds?


l   What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based technology employed to share Web site contents. Through RSS subscription, real-time information is automatically obtained from Web logs (blogs) or news sites. In Mail2000, users can read RSS feeds using the built-in RSS reader or another RSS reader application.


l   How to Create an RSS Category?

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you must first create an RSS category to include the feeds.


(1)       On the left menu, click Info. Center, expand Subscriptions, and select RSS Feeds.



(2)       On the toolbar, click New Category.

(3)       In the [New Category] window that appears, enter a name for the catebgory and then click OK.



(4)       In the [RSS Feeds] page, the newly created RSS category will be displayed.



l   How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

(1)       In the [RSS Feeds] page, locate the category to which you intend to add the RSS feed. Click the Add text link.



(2)       In the [Add RSS Feed] page, enter the Feed URL, name, and description. Then, click Add RSS Feed.



l   How to Browse the Content of an RSS Feed?

(1)       In the [RSS Feeds] page, click on the name of the RSS feed you intend to browse.



(2)       In the [Browse RSS Feed] page, all headlines of the feed are listed. Click on any of the headlines to access the content.



l   How to Forward RSS Feed Headlines?

(1)       In the [Browse RSS Feed] page, select the headline(s) you intend to forward. Then, on the toolbar, click Forward.



(2)       The system will direct you to the [Compose] page, in which the selected headline(s) are added as attachment(s). You may start composing the mail.



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