How to Read/Post/Delete Messages in Forum?


The Mail2000 Forum is a platform for users to communicate, discuss, and share information on specific topics. In addition, it offers RSS subscription for visitors to subscribe to designated discussion board(s).


(1)       On the left menu, click Info. Center and then select Forum.




(2)       In the [Forum] page, all available discussion boards are listed. Click on the name of any discussion board to enter.



(3)       In the discussion board, to read a message, click on the subject of the message.



(4)       In the discussion board, you can:

n   Post: Post the new message.

n   Reply: Reply the message which you are reading.

n   Forward: Forward the message by mail.

n   Tool: Add the message author to your contacts.

n   Copy to: Copy the message to your personal folders. 



(5)       To delete the message, click the  icon on the toolbar.



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