How to Search Contacts?


-              Quick Search

Mail2000 supports Quick Search in Contacts. Enter keyword(s) to perform search, and Mail2000 will find the contact information with efficiency and accuracy.


(1)       On the left menu, click Contacts and then select Contacts.



(2)       Enter keyword(s) in the search box to the right of the toolbar. Then, click the 2012-11-19 下午 04-04-01.jpg button.


2012-11-19 下午 04-01-05.jpg


(3)       Mail2000 will search Contacts and list all contacts matching the keyword(s). You may use the search results to send a mail or edit/delete contact information as needed.


2012-11-19 下午 03-48-59.png


-              Field Search 

To search by field, enter keyword(s) in the search box and then click the down arrow at the right of the Search button. In the drop-down menu, select the field in which you intend to perform the search.


2012-11-19 下午 04-05-50.jpg


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