How to Manage Contacts?


As the contacts are organized in tree structure, the information can be easily accessed and updated. In addition, Mail2000 Contacts features various functions such as Contacts Directory, Group Contacts, Batch Delivery and Virtual Directory to further enhance the management. Another significant feature is that Mail2000 allows the import of contacts from Outlook or Outlook Express.


These features will be discussed in the following sections. 

There are three types of data in Contacts:

(1)       Contact: Contains personal information of an individual or an institution.

(2)       Directory: Contains categorized contacts. For example, you may categorize your co-workers into the "Colleague" folder and your friends into the "Friend" folder. Utilize directory to manage your contacts for later browsing and searching.

(3)       Group: Contains those cross-directory contacts to whom you frequently deliver mails. For example, assume you frequently forward jokes to 3 co-workers and 5 friends. This can be troublesome as the recipients belong to different directories. However, by creating a group named "Jokes" to include these 8 recipients, mails can be sent to them with ease.


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