How to Block External Images?


Image files in HTML-formatted mails may be accompanied by suspicious links, leading to virus attacks or Web beacons. Thus, it is significant in spam-fighting to prevent your mail system from automatically downloading image files.


To protect your Inbox from malicious assaults and unwanted graphics, Mail2000 allows you to block external images, helping you to maintain a clean and secure Inbox.


(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Personalization, and select Configuration.



(2)       In the [Configuration] page, click the Mail tab. Locate the Block External Images drop-down menu and select from the following block types:




Block All

Block external images in all mails.

Only Block in Spam

Block external images in mails filtered as spam.

Do not Block

Do not block external images.



Tip: Flexibly Apply Block

The Block Unread Mails Only and Block Unknown Senders Only options give you the flexibility in applying the block. By checking the boxes, you can view the images in the read mails and mails from Contacts. Meanwhile, the images of all other incoming mails are still blocked.




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