How to Set Spam Protection Level?


Spam Protection Level defines the level of your spam filtering settings. Instead of creating filter rules manually, you can apply a set of pre-defined filter rules by selecting from the four levels provided: Disabled, Low, Medium and High.


(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Spam Protection, and select Protection Level.



(2)       In the [Spam Protection Level] page, select any of the four protection levels provided:


Protection level



Do not filter spam.


Filter obvious spam only.


Only allow mails from Contacts and Safe Senders/Recipient List and mails specified to this account.


Only allow mails from Contacts and Safe Senders/Recipient List.



(3)       Click OK to finish.


Tip: Spam Keyword

In addition to Block Addresses List, Safe Senders/Recipients List and Spam Protection Level, you may specify keywords commonly used in spam to filter spam mails. For instance, you can set to automatically delete those mails that contain the word "Free" or the phrase "Earn Million per Month." For further information, please refer to Mail Filters.


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