How to Add Safe Recipients?


There exist mails that are intended for you, yet the recipient field (To/Cc/Bcc) does not contain your email address. These mails include mails auto-forwarded from other accounts, newsletters, mailing list mails and other bulk mails. Because of the unidentifiable recipient address, these mails are likely to be filtered as spam by the system. 


For example, assume that you have a primary account and that you have enabled mail forwarding from a secondary account Possibly, you log into the account and do not receive the forwarded mails from It is because the originally intended recipient of those mails,, cannot be recognized by the system.


Thus, to ensure receiving the messages, it is recommended to add the recipient email address,, to Safe Recipients List.


(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Spam Protection, and select Safe Recipients.



(2)       In the [Safe Recipients] page, click Add.


(3)       Enter the recipient email address, briefly describe the reason to allow the recipient, and then click OK.




1. To edit a safe recipient, click the  button.

2. To delete a safe recipient, click the  button. 



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