How to Add Mail Sender to Safe List ?


To prevent mails from friends from being filtered as spam, you may add known senders to Contacts. However, for valid mails from non-Contacts (e.g. newsletters), how do you make sure that they reach your Inbox?


Mail2000 supports the Safe Senders List, which allows you to set non-Contacts senders as Safe Senders. When a valid mail is mistakenly filtered as spam, you may add the sender to Contacts if s/he is a friend; or, add the sender to Safe Senders List if it is a known address. Then, mails from this sender will no longer be regarded as spam.


(1)       In the mail content, open the Tools Menu drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select Add to Safe List.



(2)       In the [Add Safe Senders] page, all IP, Hostname or Email Addresses of the selected mails are displayed. Select those entries you regard as safe and click OK.




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