How to Archive and Export Mails?


The Archive function allows you to archive and export the mails of a designated folder. By running Archive, the system first converts the mails to a format adopted by general mail software. Then, the mails are compressed into one single file for downloading convenience.


(1)       On the left menu, click Folders and then select Manage Folders.



(2)       In the [Manage Folders] page, locate the folder in which you intend to archive and export and click Archive.



(3)       In the [Archive] page, verify the archive information, choose the download file format, and set the archive options.



If the length of path of the archive folders over 255 Bytes, the folders will be renamed, for example mbox_1, wm7_2 and so on. The archive function won’t be affected after the folder be renamed.

l   File format

n   Microsoft Outlook Express 4 (*.idx, *.mbx)

n   Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail 7 (*.eml)

n   UNIX MBOX (Berkeley UNIX Mailbox)
If you want to import the file back to Mail2000 system, please select this format.

l   Archive Options

n   All Mails

n   Non-archived Mails

n   Specify day range (Mails before certain date)



(4)       Click OK to begin archiving and exporting. In the File Download window, click Save to save the file to a temporary directory (e.g. ...\Desktop\test).Upon completion of download, use any unzip software such as Winzip to decompress file. Extract the "Mail" folder to the temporary directory (e.g. ...\Desktop\test\Mail).


(5)       Run the Import function of MS Outlook Express 5 and select the created temporary directory as the directory to be imported.

Example: ...\Desktop\test - Correct

 ...\Desktop\test\Mail – Incorrect



(6)       As the archived and exported mails are successfully imported to Outlook Express, you will find the "mail2000" folder in the folders list.



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