What are Default Folders?


For each newly created account, there are six system-defined folders:


l   Inbox

All incoming mails are stored in Inbox unless they are filtered to other folders. Upon every Inbox entry, the system automatically checks for new mails

l   Virtual Folders

This folder contains all user-defined virtual folders. These virtual folders categorize incoming mails based on their attributes, such as received date, senders, flags, etc.

l   Sent

This folder stores copies of the sent mails.

l   Draft

This folder stores the edited mail drafts, which can be opened later for additional editing

l   Recycle Bin

This is where all the deleted mails are moved to. You may set to clear Recycle Bin on logout or to only delete the expired mails.

l   Spam

This folder contains those filtered spam mails. It is recommended that you periodically check this folder for any valid mails that have been mistakenly filtered as spam. If valid mails are found in the Spam folder, use the function Safe Senders or Safe Recipients to fix the problem.



On the left menu under Folders, the number in the parentheses next to each folder name signify the following:

-              In red (e.g. Inbox(6/99)): The color red indicates that there are unread mail(s).The numbers denote the number of unread mails and the total number of mails.

-              In black (e.g. Inbox(66)): The color black indicates that there are no unread mails.


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