How to Auto-File Mails?


Mail2000 features the Auto-File function to help you automatically organize your mails.


(1)       In the [Inbox] mails list, open the Tools drop-down menu on the toolbar and select Auto-File.



(2)       In the Auto-File page, the system will suggest a destination folder for each Inbox mail based on its intelligent analysis of mail attributes of all folders.



(3)       Verify the suggested destination folders. To change the destination folder for an individual mail, open the drop-down menu to select from all user-defined folders. If none of the folders is ideal, please refer to “Create New Folders.”



(4)       To move all mails to their destination folders, click Auto-File All;

Or, to move only certain mails to their destination folders, select the mails and then click Auto-File Selected; Or, to auto-file mails one by one, click the OK button next to the suggested destination folder.



To improve Auto-File accuracy, it is recommended to maintain a well-organized folder structure in the system.


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