How to Create Mail Templates?


To compose mails with similar or fixed content, it is recommended to create a mail template to save the context and formatting.


(1)       On the left menu, click Compose to go to the compose page.



(2)       In the Compose page, begin editing the mail template such as entering the mail subject, setting the font family, inserting a background image and adding attachments.


(3)       When complete, there are two ways to create mail template

n   Open the Save as… drop-down menu on the toolbar and select Save as Template.



n   Click Save as New Template to go to the setting page.



(4)       In the [Save as Template] popup window, enter the template name and click Save.



(5)       The template file that has been saved will display in the right of the composing page, users can apply the templates quickly by click the template titles.



(6)       To edit the template content, please load into the template and edit it directly, and click Save Template after finish editing.



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