How to Set Compose Preferences?


(1)       On the left menu, click Compose to go to the [Compose] page.



(2)       In the [Compose] page, open the Tools drop-down menu on the toolbar and select Preferences.



(3)       In the [Preferences] page, options are provided for you to personalize your [Compose] page. You may set to display frequently used functions on the page.


n   Display Bcc FieldChoose to hide or display the Bcc Field by default .

n   Display Frequently Used OptionsIF you enable this function, the system will display the functions below in the edit area



            Request  Receipt

            Send and delete draft

            Delivery Status

            Schedule Mails


n   Default senderSelect the default sender address.

n   Enable Auto-SaveEnable the auto-save function to save the mail at regular interval. 

n   Default Mail EncodingSelect the default encoding when composing.

n   Use Base64 Encoding for attachmentThe text attachment will be forced into Base64 encoding when enable this function.

n   Add Recipient(s) to ContactsAdd new recipients to Contacts after sending the mail.



(4)       When you are finished with the settings, click OK. All changes will be applied on your next login.




You may choose to hide rarely used functions; these functions can still be accessed in the Options drop-down menu. 


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