How to Add Cloud Attachments?


Cloud Attachments mean you can transfer the attached files as URL links to let receivers download.


l   If you upload files by clicking the Att. Button or dragging the files from your disk:

(1)   After you upload files, you can click the URL button when you want to transfer the normal attachment to Cloud Attachment. If you want to transfer the Cloud Attachment back, please press the ATT. button.



(2)   You can click the link “Set” to set the Expired Date, Path, and Memo for a Cloud Attachment.



l   If you use “Normal Att.” or choose some files from My Drive:

(1)   After you upload files or choose some files from My Drive, you just need to check “Use Cloud Att.”, and then the files will be sent as Cloud Attachment.




(2)   The third tab “Attachment List” will list all files, and you can do transfer or change settings for Cloud Attachment.



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