How to Add Attachments?


1.          On the left menu, click Compose to go to the [Compose] page.



2.          In the [Compose] page, there are four ways to add attachment to your email.



(1)       In the composing page, click the Att. Button to select file from your computer directly.



(2)       Users can drag and drop one or more files directly into Mail2000 Att. Block.

Notes: Only support HTML5 browsers can use this function.


2012-11-16 下午 05-08-14.jpg


(3)       Select Attach on the toolbar to go to the attach file page, and click 選擇檔案 to select the file you want to attach on the mail, then click upload.



(4)       If you want to attach files from My Drive, open the Attach drop-down menu and click Select from My Drive. Then you can attach the files from My Drive on your mail.



3.          After upload the files as attachments, you can click the Cancel button to remove this attachment. Or you can still add more attachments by using the ways we mentioned before.



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