How to Retrieve/Read Mails?


l   How to Retrieve/Read Mails?

(1)       System checks for new mails upon login. If there are new mails, the  icon  will change to icon. You may click on the icon to access Inbox directly. Or, you may click Folders on the left menu and select Inbox to view the new mails.




(2)       In the [Inbox] mails list, the unread mails will be shown in bold while the read mails will be shown in regular font.


(3)       Click the Subject, Sender, Date, or Size link on the top of the mails list to sort the mails accordingly.



(4)       To read a mail, click once on the mail's subject to preview the content, or quickly click twice to open the mail in new window.

            User can read mail in HTML mode or in Plain Text mode. To switch between HTML to Plain Text, click the HTML or Plain Text button in the upper right of the mail.



l   How to AssignTagor Colorto Mails 

(1)       To apply a tag to an email, open the Tag drop-down menu ; if you want to assign Tag or Coloron multiple mails at once, please select mails then open the Tag drop-down menu.



(2)       In the Tag drop-down menu, user can choose Tag or Coloras needed

             On TopPlace the mail on the top of the mail list ; the  tag can be removed when click the  icon directly on the mail.

             FlagAdd a flag icon on the mail ; the flag can be removed when click the  icon directly on the mail.

            ImportantMark the mail as an important mail ; the tag can be removed when click the  icon directly on the mail.

             ReadMark the mail as read.

             UnreadMark the mail as unread.

             ToDoMark the mail as ToDo for reminding ; the  tag can be removed when click the  icon directly on the mail.

             Read OnlyMark the mail as Unread to prevent the mail from deleting unwary. the  tag can be removed when click the  icon directly on the mail.

            Add colorAdd color such as Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow , Blue on mails to help you to classify massive mails.


(3)       To delete the Tag

(1)       Click the Tag on the mail directly.



(2)       Click Tag on the toolbar and select  icon from the drop down menu, or select None to remove the color on mail.



l   How to Change Mail Views ?

Mail2000 system offers a lot of options for viewing the mail in your mail folders. You can view mails by Date, Subject, Sender or by Attachment, flag, Color and so on.

Click View on the tool bar, and select an option from the drop down list.



Or you can view mails by selecting the day range.




l   Mail Content Management Tools

(1)       In the mail content, click the icon at the end of the sender's email address to add the sender to Contacts.

(2)       In the mail content, the Tools drop-down menu in the upper right corner provides the following features:




Pack Attachments

Pack and download the mail's attachments.

Delete Attachments

Delete the mail's attachments.

Save Mail As

Save the mail as a new .eml file.

Show Header

Display the mail's header details.

View Original Mail:

Display the mail in its original format.

Add to Contacts

Add the sender and recipient(s) of the mail to Contacts.

Add to Safe List

Add the sender to Safe Senders List.


Print the mail

Return Receipt

Send a receipt to the sender to confirm that the mail has been received and read.


Set preferences for reading the mail.

Open in New Window

Open the mail in new window.


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