How to Compose/Send Mails?


To compose a new email message, either

-              Click Compose on the left menu.



-              Click  to compose mail in new window.



(1)       In the [Compose] page, enter the email address of person to whom you are sending the message in the To and Cc fields. When entering email address, type few characters will display a list that matched (auto-complete). Or, you may click the To(T) or Cc(C) button to add recipients from Contacts. There are two kinds of comparison method about auto-complete function which can be set by administrator.

l   Prefix-match auto-complete



l   Partial-match auto-complete



Or, you can click the “To” or “Cc” button to add recipients from Contacts.

Please check some contacts first, and then click “Add To” or “Add Cc”, the contacts will be added as recipients.



(1)       To add Bcc recipient(s), click Bcc to display the field.



Tip Switching Recipient Status
To switch a recipient's status (e.g. Move a recipient from To to Bcc), please left-click on the recipient.
In the drop-down menu, you may select to move the recipient to Cc, Bcc or Exclude; you may also remove the recipient.



Tip Match Recipients
When you enter "user" in the recipient field, yet there are more than one "claire" in Contacts, click Match to list all contacts matching the name "user." You may then use the provided information to select your intended recipient.



(2)       Enter the subject and content of the mail. Then, use the toolbar to perform the following actions as needed.



Tool bar



Send the mail.


Attach files to the mail.


Select the mail encoding.

Notes: This function is not supported in Firefox.


      Unicode (UTF-8)

      Trad. Chinese (Big5)

      Simp. Chinese (GB2312)

      Simp. Chinese (GB18030)

      English (ISO-8859-1)

      Japanese (ISO-2022-JP)

      Korean (EUC-KR)

      BIG5 -> GB (GB2312)

      GB -> BIG5 (Big5)


Restore: Restore the mail to undo any changes made.

Preferences: Show/Hide functions in the [Compose] page.

Add Event: Add calendar event to the mail.


Use the provided options to set the mail attributes. You may choose to edit the mail in plain-text or HTML; you may decide to save a sent copy, to mark it as "Important," or request a receipt; or you may set the mail as a scheduled mail.

Notes: When you mark a mail as "Important," an exclamation mark  will be shown next to the mail in the recipient's mails list.

Save as…

Save the mail as a draft or a template.


Preview the mail before sending it.

New Window

Open the [Compose] page in a new window; the original window will return to the previous page.


Return to the previous page.



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