iOS System

You can synchronize the Smartphone with Mail, Contacts, Calendar and To-do Task with this simple setting.

(1)       Tap the "Settings" icon in the screen



(2)       Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”



(3)       Click “Add Account”



(4)       SelectMicrosoft® Exchange of the following account types



(5)       Fill in the basically user settings, and then tap “Next”



(6)       Fill in the following user settings, and the page will verified the settings automatically. When the verification passed, we will be completed the settings.




The iOS device connects to server with default SSL connection. If the server doesn’t support SSL connection, please save the settings that you completed and leave this setting page. Go back to the User Settings, and disable the “Use SSL”, and then you can connect to the server.


(7)       Enable the Sync item, and you can start to experience the Mail2000 ActiveSync®


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