Setting/Filter the Type of New Mail Notification


Because the new mail notifications appear frequently, you can't identify the important mail notification. You can combine to using the Mail2000's mail filter to solve this problem.


1.          In the Mail2000 web page, right click on the mail folder and select “Edit”.
Decide whether to select the checkbox of “Check for New Mail on Mobile Device Sort Method”. The default value was “checked”.




2.          In addition, you can establish a set of filter rules to manage and categorize your incoming messages based on their subject content, size, sender or other user-specified fields. Please refer to the following descriptions.


l   How to Add Filter Rules?

(1)       On the left menu, click “Preferences”, expand “Mail Options”, and select “Filters”.

(2)       In the “Filters” page, click the “Add” button. In the “Add Rule” page, select “On” as the filter status. Then, set the filter options, conditions, and actions.




l   Notes:

The Content condition includes the signature appended to the mail; the Attached Name and the Attachment Size conditions include the vCard attached to the mail. The basic size unit for emails and attachments is byte (e.g., 100 = 100 bytes; 100k = 100*1024 bytes; 100m = 100*1048576 bytes).

(3)       To apply the filter on specified time interval, expand Advanced Settings. Check the Filter on Specified Interval box and specify the interval.




(4)       Completion of the configuration and click “ok” to complete filter rule added.


3.          Example:


Crystal is a secretary to the boss, so she has to handle all the mails from her boss immediately no matter when or where. But be a position of secretary often check a variety of meeting notices and application documents by mail, it makes Crystal to be dazzled, and be so nerves when she go out. Due to scare of losing the mail, she is becoming a person who forces herself to receive the mail on line.


Actually, Crystal just needed to use combination of new mail notification and email filter. It will help her to reduce stress. Follow the steps which are shown below.


(1)       Refer to above description, create a mail filter rule in the mail filter setting page.

l   Filter rule:

Sender(envelope-from information) contains

l   When meet the filter rules, let the mails

Move mails to … (Enter a new name for the mail folder, e.g., Boss Mail)




(2)       Refresh this page and enable the “Check for New Mail on Mobile Device” setting for “Boss Mail”.




Just completed these two steps can be solved Crystal’s years of trouble.


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