The first time to use @Mail2000


(1)       To download @Mail2000 from Android Market, or scanning QR Code directly.



(2)       Please refer to the instructions of cell phones to install the @Mail2000. And also make sure @Mail2000 running with administrator privilege. Tap the Setup button to install.



(3)       After the installation complete, set the login information by tapping the Mail2000 icon.



l   Domain:  Please input your email server domain.

l   Username: Please input your email account.

l   Password: Please input password of your email account.

l   SSL. Connection: The necessity of encrypted connection that is depend upon your setting of mail server of environment.

l   Port: Port number for mail server.

l   New mail notification: Enable the new mail notification. After enabled, you will automatically receive new mail notification form @Mail2000.

l   New mail check frequency: You can adjust the mail checking frequency interval for @Mail2000.You can choose options by minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and hour.

l   Notification bar: New mail notification will show in the notification bar, which is on the top of screen of android system.

l   To start application: Startup Mail2000 automatically when your computer boots.


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