How to operate Emails in Folders?


The “Default home page” is the first page after login, and user can set it by himself. The “Default home page” can be set to “Folder”, “Virtual Folder” or “User-defined Folder”.

The Folder operations are explained as follows.

(1)       Tap the  button return in the upper left corner to default home page.

(2)       Change Folders: Tap the  pull-down menus to change folders. Only displayed folders will show in this menu.



(3)       Main Menu: Tap the  button in the upper right corner and follow the instructions on the screen.




(4)       Batch of mails operation: User can check single or multiple mails and operate these chosen mails with the tool bar functions at the bottom of the screen.



Notes: The system does not provide the “Move to” and “Delete” functions for Read-Only mails. If user checked the Read-Only mail and general mails at the same time, the system only deletes the general mails.

(5)       Finger Swipe Operation for a mail:

        User can quickly operate a single mail with finger swipe operation.

        The finger swipe toolbar are Top, Reply, Forward, Move to and Delete” functions.

Notes: Only iOS devices support Finger Swipe Operation.



(6)       Reload: Tap the  icon in the lower left corner to reload emails.

(7)       Search: Tap the  button in the lower left corner to enter search email page.

(8)       Reading Email: Tap an email on the screen to enter reading email page.

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