How to Use Someone’s Shared Calendar?


Someone’s shared calendar can help users to share their own calendar to others, and allow other user to edit and watch their calendar.

l   How to Share Your Calendar to Others?

(1)       In the calendar page, click the calendar you want to share from My calendar, and click the Share With button.



(2)       Enter the Shared accounts and select the privilege setting, and click the Add button to add shared account. Users can select Read Only, Editable or Edit Their Own Created Event in the privilege setting.

u  Read Only means the shared account can only read your calendar.

u  Editable means the shared account can read and edit your calendar.

u  Edit their own created event means the shared account can read your calendar and edit their own created event.



(3)       Click OK when finished, and your calendar will appear in shared account’s Someone’s shared calendar.


l   How to Read and Edit others Calendar?

When someone shares you with their calendar, their calendar will appear in your Someone’s shared calendar list. Click the calendar they shared to you, and you can start to read or edit the calendar.



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