How to Use Public Calendar?


Mail2000 system offers public calendar for administrator to arrange resources or announce public events.



l   How to Add New Events on Public Calendar?

(1)       Click the public calendar which you want to add events on.



(2)       In the calendar content area, locate the date you want to add event and click directly to go to the new event page. In the new event page, you can set event, attendee, repeat and other settings.


n   Event

u  Target: Select the calendar belong to which calendar.

u  Subject: To set the event’s subject.

u  Time: To set the start tome and the end time. Or you can select All Day to make the event as an all day event.

u  Location: To set the location of the event.

u  Content: To set the description of the event.



n   Attendee

u  AttendeeEnter the email address and click Add button, and the email address will be added as the event’s attendee. If you want to delete the attendee, click the  button and the attendee will be deleted.

u  Optl. attendeesOptional attendee means the attendee can choose whether to attend this event. To add optl. attendees, enter the email address and click Add button, and the email address will be added as the event’s optl. attendees. If you want to delete the optl. attendees, click the  button and the Optl. attendees will be deleted.

u  Send Invitation: If you want to send invitation to your attendees and optl. attendees, please click the check box in front of Send invitation.



n   Repeat

u  Repeat: Select the repeat pattern of this event. You can choose Not repeat, Daily Repeat, Weekly Repeat or Yearly Repeat.

u  On : If you choose weekly or monthly repeat, you can select the event to repeat on certain weekday.

u  Starts on: The start date of the event.

u  Ends: The end date of the event.



n   Other

u  Time Zone: Select the time zone.

u  Reminders : Set the reminder for the event, which will sent to you via email or Smartphone (not SMS) and Browser Reminders.



(4)       Click OK when finished.


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