How to Change Calendar View?


Mail2000 provides five different calendar views to users (refresh/today/ day/ week/ month/ perpetual), users can change which view is displayed when calendar is opened by click the  button on the upper right of the window.

n   Refresh

To ensure latest calendar information, click Refresh button.

n   Today View

Display today’s calendar.

n   Week View

Display weekly calendar.

n   Monthly View

Display monthly calendar.

n   Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar will display the whole year calendar, you can select certain day to view the calendar on that day.



n   Print

To print currently readed calendar view, click Print button.


l   Calendar Visibility
On the calendar left menu, you can decide which calendar to be displayed in the calendar content. Click the  button, and the icon will turn to , that means the calendar has already displayed in the calendar content.


 : Displayed Calendar

 : Hidden Calendar



We also provide users with changing the visibility of batched calendars. Users just need to click  or  icon on the first layer, and it’ll change the visibility of next layer’s calendars.


2012-11-8 上午 11-12-08.jpg


Or you can mouse over on the calendar you want to watch, and the calendar will be displayed on the calendar content area.



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