iOS devices can automatically complete synchronization settings via scanning QR Code.

Notes: We are currently only available in iOS series devices for use QR Code.


(1)       You can search and download the free QR Code Application on iTunes, or use the link below to download the free application.

QR Code Scanner

(2)       Install the Scan application, and open it.


2012-11-7 下午 05-40-26.jpg


(3)       After you enter the Scan App., aim the camera lens at the QR Code.




(4)       Select Open in Safari.


2012-11-7 下午 06-18-36.jpg


(5)       Install Profile.



(6)       Enter Password.


2012-11-7 下午 06-39-46.jpg


(7)       After you open your Calender, you can start to synchronize it.






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