How to Synchronize Mobile Phone with Calendar?


Before synchronizing, please get the corresponding calendar URL or QR Code first.

l   How to get the corresponding calendar URL or QR Code?

(1)       In the calendar page, click the calendar you want to publish, and click Edit button. And than click Cal URL


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(2)       Select the Synchronize type..


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(3)       There are two kinds of calendar types that you can generate, CalDAV and CalDAV (iOS). Please select CalDAV (iOS) on iOS devices. After users set your settings, it’ll automatically generate the corresponding calendar URL and QR Code.


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l   How to synchronize mobile phone with calendar?

Users can easily finish the settings via QR Code Scanner or setting in just three steps:

(1)       Go into the Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars/Add Accounts…/Other/Add CalDAV Account

(2)       Enter the account information and click Next to finish the settings.

n  Server : CalDAViOS URL 

n  User Name : Email account

n  Password: The password of your email account.



(3)       After the verification, you can see the calendar in your mobile phone.



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