How to Publish Your Calendars Via Web?


l   How to publish one calendar by generating HTML Calendar URL?

(1)       In the calendar page, click the calendar you want to publish, and click Edit button. And then click Cal URL.


2012-11-6 下午 04-02-28.jpg


(2)       Select the Publish type.


2012-11-6 下午 04-07-56.jpg


(3)       Set the privilege of calendar Privacy Settings:




Not publish

No one can subscribe your calendar via this URL.

Show status only

Other users only can check your status, either busy or free, after they subscribe your calendar via this URL.

Publish all

Other users can check the detailed information of your schedule after they subscribe your calendar via this URL.


2012-11-6 下午 06-04-29.jpg


(4)       After select the HTML type of this calendar URL, it’ll automatically generate the corresponding calendar URL and QR Code. Users can easily publish your calendar by sharing the calendar URL or QR Code.


2012-11-6 下午 06-15-58.jpg


l   How to publish many calendars by generating HTML Calendar URL?

(1)       Click the 2012-11-7 上午 11-00-28.jpg button on the left down corner.



(2)       In the Publish Calendars page, select one or more calendars that you want to publish.

Notes: Users must set the Privacy Settings to Show Status Only or Publish Al.


2012-11-7 上午 11-54-26.jpg


(3)       After click Generate URL button, it’ll generate the corresponding calendar URL. Users can easily publish many calendars by sharing the calendar URL.


2012-11-7 上午 11-18-49.jpg



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