How to Use Meeting Schedule?


When the meeting inviter plans a meeting, he/she needs to know attendees’ schedule.

The meeting inviter can view attendees’ schedule via Meeting Schedule.


l   Main screen introduction

Meeting Schedule can partition to three areas as follows:


2012-11-2 下午 06-23-25.jpg


(1)       Meeting Content: Users can select meeting sources for Meeting Schedule, including calendar, attendees, optl. attendees and events.

(2)       Meeting Schedule: Users can arrange a meeting via viewing the source occupancy.

(3)       Button: Users can use Check Conflict Events to check for schedule conflicts. Or users can save, reset or cancel this Meeting Schedule.


l   How to use meeting schedule?

If you want to book many attendees or sources, you can achieve your needs via Meeting Schedule. Just selecting the meeting time and setting the relative contents and clicking Save button to finish the Meeting Schedule.

(1)       Click the Calendar tab of Meeting Content area. Users can set My Calendars and Public Calendars.

n   My Calendars: Select one of My Calendars as the main scheduling calendar for Meeting Schedule.

n   Public Calendars: Select the resources from the list of Public Calendars, e.g. projector, notebook, meeting room. Users can view the occupancy of the selecting sources of Public Calendars.


2012-11-5 下午 04-10-20.jpg


(2)       Click the Attendee tab of Meeting Content area. Enter emails to invite attendees and optl. attendees. Users can check schedule status of invitee directly, when invitee set Privacy Status to Publish The Status or Publish All in the Personal Settings page.


2012-11-5 下午 04-50-52.jpg


(3)       Click the Event Info. tab of Meeting Content area. Users can edit the event information, including Subject, Location, Content and Reminders.


2012-11-5 下午 05-28-01.jpg


(4)       In the Meeting Schedule area, users can drag-and-drop or click the date you want to arrange a meeting directly, and it’ll go to the modify page. In the modify page, users can modify the Time, Time zone or Repeat.


2012-11-5 下午 05-47-15.jpg


(5)       In the Button area, whether users can check Check Conflict Events and Send Invitation or not. Finally, users can select Save, Reset or Cancel.

n   Check Conflict Events: If you want to check the conflict events, please click the check box in front of Check Conflict Events.


2012-11-5 下午 05-55-02.jpg


n   Send Invitation: If you want to send invitation to your attendees and optl. attendees, please click the check box in front of Send Invitation.



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