How to Personalize Your Calendar?


l  How to Use Mail2000 Calendar?


(1)       Click the  button on the shortcuts to go into calendar page.



(2)       The Mail2000 Calendar preview:



l   Calendar User Interface Layout

(1)       Mini Calendar:

Displays a mini calendar of the current month. Users can hide and display the mini calendar by click the  button.

(2)       Left Menu:

            My calendar: User’s personal calendar list.

            Someone’s shared: The calendars that shared by someone.

            Public calendars: Calendars that created by administrator and public to specific groups.      

            Add/Import/Export/Publish Calendar(s): Users can add/import/export/publish calendar(s) by click the  button in the left down corner.

(3)       Main Calendar Content: Main calendar content, all calendar events will display in this area.

(4)       Toolbar: In the upper side of the calendar layout. The toolbar function includes Calendar, Meeting Schedule, Replay Status, Personal Settings and Todo Task settings.  


l   How to Personalize Your Calendar?

(1)       Click the Personal Setting button on the toolbar to go to the calendar setting page.



(2)       In the setting page, users can change calendar settings to personalize calendar environment.



n   Default display: Select the default display method for the your calendar (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly).

n   Week starts on: Specify the weekly start day for weekly calendar.

n   Day view period: Specify the daily start and end times for daily calendar

n   Display Holidays: Display Taiwan’s holiday.

n   Lunar calendar: Display lunar calendar.

n   Main scheduling calendar: Select a calendar as the main scheduling calendar for Meeting Schedule.

n   Privacy Status:

      Not publish: Not publish privacy status.

      Publish the status: Viewers can know the period is occupied only.

      Publish all: Viewers can read the details of this event.

(3)       Click OK to save your calendar setting.


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