How to Create and Use Signature?


l   How to Create Signature?

(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Personalization, and select Signature.



(2)       In the [Signature] page, click New Signature to create a new signature.



(3)       In the [Edit Signature] page, enter your signature title and edit your signature.



(4)       Click Save to save the signature.


l   How to Use Signature?

(1)       To append signature to outgoing mails, in the [Signature] page, select the Append Signature option.



(2)       You may create up to 32 signatures. If you have multiple signatures, please set a default signature.



l   How to Edit Signature

(1)       To edit a signature, click the  button.



(2)       When finished editing, click Save to save the changes.


l   How to Delete Signature?

(1)       To delete a signature, click the  button.



(2)       In the confirm window that appears, click OK.


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