How to Customize Shortcuts?


To enable each user to quickly access his/her frequently used functions, Mail2000 features the Shortcuts customization. Users may set up to 8 shortcuts to link to frequently used functions or web pages, saving time and facilitating navigation.



(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Personalization, and select Shortcuts.



(2)       In the Shortcuts page, you can set the System Default Shortcuts. System Default Shortcuts are listed below, users can choose to activate or deactivate those functions.

l   InboxClick to go into inbox page.

l   CalendarOptional):Click to go into calendar page.

l   Manage sticky notesClick to go into stick notes page.

l   New sticky notes pageClick to create new sticky notes.

l   Manage TagsClick to go into Tag management page. This page will list all tags you have created, and you can edit the tags and watch the items applied the tags. 



(3)       Users can select the functions they want and put it on the shortcuts. Click Settings to go to shortcuts setting page.



(4)       In the setting page, you can select the functions and add it on the shortcuts, or you can enter URL and set it on the shortcuts.



(5)       If you want to close certain shortcut function, just click the Deactivate.



l   How to Edit the Order of the Shortcuts ?

(1)       Expand the Preference on the left menu, and click Shortcuts to go to shortcuts page.

(2)       Click the Order button, and select Move Up, Move Down, Move to Top,  Move to Bottom to edit the order of the shortcuts.




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