How to Set Filters?


With Filters, you can establish a set of filter rules to manage and categorize your incoming messages based on their subject content, size, sender and/or other user-specified fields. For example, you can set Filters to automatically categorize those incoming mails whose subject contains the keyword "Mail2000" into the "Openfind" folder.


l   How to Add Filter Rules?

(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Mail Options, and select Filters .



(2)       In the [Filters] page, click the Add Rule button.



(3)       In the [Add Rule] page, select On as the filter status. Then, set the filter options, conditions, and actions.




-              The Content condition includes the signature appended to the mail; the Attachment Name and the Attachment Size conditions include the vCard attached to the mail.

-              The size unit for mails and attachments is "byte" (e.g. 100 = 100 bytes; 100k = 100*1024 bytes; 100m = 100*1048576 bytes).


(4)       To apply the filter on specified time interval, expand Advanced Settings. Check the Filter on Specified Interval box and specify the interval.



(5)       Click OK when finished.



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