How to Retrieve Mail from POP3 Accounts?


To use POP3 mail service, you must first set up your POP3 server with corresponding account name and password.


l  To Add a POP3 Account

(1)       On the left menu, click Info. Center and select POP3 to go to the [POP3 Accounts] page.



(2)       In the [POP3 Accounts] page, click the Add Account button in the upper right corner.



(3)       In the [Add POP3 Account] page, enter all required information for the mail server and then click OK.






Login account for POP3 server.


Login password for POP3 server.

Mail Server

POP3 server name or IP address.


The time period within which if no response is received from the POP3 server, system automatically disconnects and stops retrieving mails (Default: 60 seconds).


Port number for POP3 server (Default: 110).

SSL Connection

If enabled, the mail content, account and password will be encrypted during mail transmission (Default: disabled).

Delete after Retrieval

If enabled, system will remove all retrieved mails from the POP3 server after retrieval (Default: disabled).

Activate Filters

If enabled, system will filter mails based on the filter rules when retrieving mails (Default: disabled).

Save Into

Select a folder to save the received mails (Default: Inbox). Note that if Activate Filters is enabled, the filter rules have higher priority than the Save Into option.

Size Limit per Mail: Set a size

limit to filter incoming mails by size; those mails exceeding the limit will be rejected (Default: 0 KB; 0 KB denotes no limit). Note that system is able to retrieve mails of any size as its free space allows.


Select a New Mail icon to mark new mails from this POP3 account.

Sender Name

The sender name you wish to display for this POP3 account.


The full email address of this POP3 account.

Reply Address

The full reply address of this POP3 account.


(4)       System will direct you back to the [POP3 Accounts] page. You may continue adding POP3 accounts (Maximum: 10).


l   To Retrieve Mails from POP3 Accounts


n   Manual Retrieve

(1)       To manually retrieve from a designated POP3 account, click the account's Retrieve button.



(2)       To manually retrieve from all accounts, check the Select all accounts box and then click Retrieve All.



n   Auto Retrieve

(1)       On the left menu, click Preferences, expand Personalization and select Configuration.

(2)       In the [Configuration] page, click the Mail tab to locate the Auto-Retrieve POP3 drop-down menu.

(3)       Choose either to auto-retrieve With Notification Mail or Without Notification Mail.

(4)       Press OK to save; system will begin automatically retrieving mails from external POP3 accounts upon login.



Once the mails are correctly retrieved, system will list four link paths: Go to List of Received Mails, Go to Inbox, Go to POP3 Accounts List and Go to Mail Preview. You may choose a path to read the retrieved mails, to continue previewing mails or to begin retrieving mails from other accounts.


l   To Delete a POP3 Account

(1)       To delete a designated POP3 account, click the account's  button.

(2)       In the confirmation window, click OK.

(3)       System will direct you back to the [POP3 Accounts] page.



l   To Edit a POP3 Account

(1)       To edit a designated POP3 account, click the account's  button.

(2)       In the [Edit POP3 Account] page, make all necessary changes and then click OK.

(3)       System will direct you back to the [POP3 Accounts] page.




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