What is Mailbox Info. Page?


The Mailbox Info. Page supports various types of information boxes: Folders Info, Mailbox Usage, Mails List, Login Info, RSS News, Recent Events, Incoming Booking Requests, Outgoing Booking Requests, Frequently Used Contacts and Announcements. Users may click the  button in the upper right to add information boxes to their Mailbox Info Page for personalization. Or, to hide an information box, simply click the  button of that box. Users are also allowed to drag and drop the boxes to position them as wishes.



Group Module is required to apply the Announcements information box.


l   Information Boxes

(1)       Folders Info.: Lists each folder with its unread mail count, total mail count and mail size.



(2)       Mailbox Usage: Displays current free space and spaces used by My Drive and Mails.



(3)       Mails List: Displays mails in a designated folder (user defines the folder and the number of mails displayed).




(4)       Login Info.: Displays login history.



(5)       RSS News: Displays RSS news from a designated source.




(6)       Recent Events: Displays upcoming events on the user's Calendar



(7)       Incoming Booking Requests: Displays booking requests from others awaiting the user's confirmation.



(8)       Outgoing Booking Requests: Displays booking requests sent to others awaiting their confirmation.




(9)       Frequently Used Contacts: Displays contacts most frequently used by the user.



(10)   Announcements: Displays announcements from Administrator.



(11)   Forwarding Information Displays the auto forward email address.



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