Mail2000 User Interface Overview


With the employment of AJAX and drag-and-drop technologies, the design of Mail2000 User Interface combines the style of general Web-based mail systems and the layout of Outlook to provide users with optimized friendliness, style and convenience.


l   Mail2000 User Interface Preview



l   Mail2000 User Interface Layout

(1)       TOP: Shortcut Bar ( Support Customize Shortcut Bar ) 

(2)       LEFT: Left Menu ( Support Customize Left Menu ) 

(3)       RIGHT: Main Content




The presentation of the interface may vary with different user environments.


            Mini Features

            New Mail NotificationThe icon blinks when new mails arrive. 

            Right-click MenuSupports right-click context menu, allowing users to quickly switch among Mail2000 functions.



Right-click once to open the Mail2000 menu; quickly click twice to open the browser menu.



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